About Toolbotics

Troy CundyAt Toolbotics we’re passionate about all things CNC, and we are on a mission to provide revolutionary tools that empower artists and makers to reach new creative heights. Toolbotics founder, Troy Cundy, is an inventor with an inextinguishable passion for all things CNC. Over the past 17 years this maker has designed and built countless CNC machines, from 3D printers to 5-Axis machining centers.

Tooli was bought to life in August 2015 with the help of 54 backers on Kickstarter.

“It was during a 3D printer design project that I was introduced to the vast array of open source resources linked to CNC, this sparked the idea for the Tooli project,” says Cundy. “Having designed all sorts of attachments for commercial CNC machines, I was well aware of the capabilities this technology offers. I developed Tooli to show the world that CNC technology is much more versatile than just milling and 3D printing”.